Minnesota K-12 Back-to-School Tax Tips

Minnesota K-12 Back-to-School Tax Tips

We hope you’ve had a great summer.  As you prepare for the upcoming school year, we want to remind you to save receipts for required school expenses for your child in grades K – 12.  You may be eligible for the Minnesota Education Deduction or Tax Credit if you keep proper records.  Your child may attend public, private, or home school.

Here are some examples of expenses that might qualify for the tax credit or deduction: 

  • Required school materials, including nonreligious textbooks, paper, pens and pencils, gym clothes, etc.
  • Purchase or rental of educational equipment, such as musical instruments and calculators.
  • Field trip fees, after-school academic enrichment programs, and tutoring.
  • Fine arts instruction, such as music lessons or non-competitive dance. 
  • Driver education instructor fees if the class is offered by the school, even if the student actually takes the class somewhere else.
  • Fees for all-day Kindergarten.
  • Private school tuition.
  • College tuition if the class satisfies high school graduation requirements.
  • Bus fees for transportation to and from school or field trips during the normal school day.
  • Home computer hardware and educational software.
  • Home school expenses for required materials, nonreligious textbooks and curriculum, and fees for the normal school day or for academic enrichment.

Here are some examples of expenses that do not qualify for either the tax credit or deduction:
  • Sports camps or lessons.
  • Travel expenses, lodging, and meals for overnight class trips.
  • Noneducational computer software.
  • School uniforms, including choir or band uniforms, dance costumes, and graduation robes.
  • School lunch, snacks, or treats.

These lists are not all-inclusive.  The important thing is to keep your receipts!  It’s also a good idea to save notes and bulletins from school that describe required school expenses.  If you have any questions, please e-mail or call our office at 763-576-5151. 

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